1. How do I get my child fitted for his/her choral attire?

Most wardrobe fittings will take place during class. If necessary, we will announce a fitting day after school or on a Saturday. This will be communicated to parents via email and to students in class. At the end of the school year, singers turn in their cleaned attire only if they are graduating, moving to a new choir with a different dress or vest, or needing a new size. A clothing rack will be available in the choir room on which students may hang their cleaned and labeled outfits.


2. How much does choir wardrobe cost?

We ask families to donate $35 per singer per year to the wardrobe fund. It is basically a rental program, but one where singers can update size as needed throughout the year. Used items are returned to the inventory. The fund also pays for new clothing items needed for our inventory, buttons, dress pins, and any other wardrobe expense incurred over the course of the school year.

Families with financial concerns should speak to Dr. Brookey to discuss accommodations.


3. Will I need to alter the wardrobe?

You will likely need to HEM the dress, pants legs and/or Jacket sleeves. Do not cut the hem, but fold and stitch it gently. Local dry cleaners will hem the clothing for a reasonable fee if you are not handy with needle and thread. If you feel more alterations are needed, please contact the wardrobe chair to see if better fitting attire can be found for your singer.

DRESSES should be hemmed 1.0 inches above the floor with shoes on.
PANTS should be hemmed .5-1.0 inches above the floor with shoes on.


4. How do I clean the choir wardrobe?

Please clean wardrobe after each use, and also before turning them in to be added to our inventory of used items.

All dresses can be machine washed and hung to dry.

Please have tux jackets, tux pants, vests, and ties dry cleaned. Please do not unknot ties.


5. What shoes and socks should my singer wear?

All singers must wear BLACK formal shoes. NO SNEAKERS!

Women’s shoes must be CLOSED-TOED and can be either pumps with a low heel or flats. Women must wear BLACK tights (not knee highs), and men must be in BLACK socks.

6. How should my child’s hair be styled for concerts?

All singers’ hair must be up and away from their faces and up. If possible, girls should put hair in a bun or top knot. If hair is long enough for a 3+ inch long pony tail, it’s enough for a bun. Please take time to practice in advance of a concert. Before you start, it’s best to have the following items:

  • comb/brush

  • ponytail band/holder

  • styling hair pins/”bun pins” (U-shaped, used to conceal edges of bun and connect it to the rest of your hair)

  • standard bobby pins, of a color close to your hair color (used to keep shorter, layered, or fly-away hair flat)

  • hair spray or hair mousse, also to keep hair smooth and flat

One suggested technique is described in the video to the left. Note: you don’t need to use a hair net, since the girls won’t be dancing!

If pony tail is too short to twist, gather the ponytail lower on the back of the girl’s head.  If it’s still too short, make a “fountain” by letting the hair in the pony tail fall evenly on all sides of the ponytail holder, then tuck the ends underneath and pin down – a hair net would help with this.

2019 Girl clapping.JPG

7. Should my daughter wear jewelry?

Concert Choir and Chamber Singers have custom earrings as part of their wardrobe. Vocal Ensemble has a custom necklace. Jewelry costs $25. Details will be available at the beginning of each school year. Girls in other choirs may wear simple stud earrings if they choose.


8. Will my child need to bring wardrobe to an event, or will they always wear it to concerts?

There are times your child will need to CARRY all wardrobe items with him/her. This may be for a tour or a festival. Each singer must have a garment bag with his/her name on it, and ALL pieces of their wardrobe should fit well in that bag, INCLUDING SHOES and SOCKS/TIGHTS.

The CPA provides each singer with a garment bag with our choral department logo on it. This is a gift to each student, and he or she may keep the bag after they leave the program as a souvenir of their time singing at LCHS. If your child loses his or her bag, a replacement bag is available for $20.

9. Any further questions?

Please contact the Wardrobe Chair.