Participation & Performances

Grading is heavily based on regular class attendance, active participation, and attendance at all scheduled performances and rehearsals. For a more detailed explanation of attendance and participation requirements, consult the most recent course syllabus .

The Vocal Ensemble, Concert Choir, and Chamber Singers tour yearly. Day trips and/or enrichment tours are possible for the Men’s Ensemble, Women’s Ensemble, and the 7/8 Honor Choir, depending on the year. Tours can be costly, however, fundraisers and scholarships are available to help defray costs.

To find the number of concerts and tours for a specific choir, consult the appropriate chart on Choral Programs. For an example of a typical concert calendar, refer to a previous year’s Season Poster.



Men’s Ensemble and Women’s Ensemble are open to all singers in grades 7-12; no audition is required. All other choirs require an audition.

The 7/8 Honor Choir for Junior High students and the Vocal Ensemble for High School students require basic to intermediate musicianship skills. Concert Choir is open to students in grades 10-12 with intermediate to advanced musicianship skills, and Chamber Singers is open to students in grades 10-12 with advanced musicianship skills.

For a comparison of the different choirs, consult the charts on the Choral Programs page. For more on the audition process and requirements, consult the Auditions page.


Required Materials

A choral folder is assigned to each student at the beginning of the year, and choral sheet music is provided. Students need to bring a pencil to every rehearsal.

Students rent a choir performance outfit at the beginning of each year. Fittings take place within the first two weeks of the school year. In addition, each choral music student is given a choir t-shirt and sweatshirt which are needed several times a year. Parents are encouraged to pay for the sweatshirt.

LCHS has an excellent choral program which is made possible through the support of the Choral Parents Association since the program only receives minimal funds from the school district. It costs more than $100 per student to run the program, so the CPA encourages each family to donate generously. Please learn more about Family Sponsorships which not only pay for sheet music and educational supplies, but other essentials such as the accompanist’s compensation during concerts, festival fees, transportation fees and more.