Extra-Curricular Choral Activities

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All-School Musical

Each year, the LCHS choral, instrumental, and drama departments collaborate to produce the all-school musical. All LCHS high school students may audition for this production. Auditions generally occur in the fall with performances usually held at the end of April. For students who are selected, the time commitment in April is high.

Honor Choir

Honor Choir is a nationwide program sponsored regionally in Southern California by the Southern California Vocal Association and statewide by the California American Choral Directors Association. Students audition at the regional level for both Regional Honor Choir and All-State Honor Choir. Auditions are rigorous.


Regional Honor Choir

Students may audition for Regional Honor Choir with the recommendation of the LCHS Choral Director. Auditions are held on a Saturday in September/October at local high school campuses. The audition involves singing a prepared solo, sight-reading, and demonstrating tonal memory.

Approximately 300 students from Southern California are selected and assigned to one of three choirs: men’s, women’s or mixed. The LCHS Choral Director is notified which students have been selected. The students will be given music, which they are expected to learn on their own.

There is typically an all-day rehearsal at a high school in Southern California on a Saturday in October. The Regional Southern California Honor Choir concert is usually held in November in Santa Monica. On the weekend of the Honor Choir performance, students have all-day rehearsals on Friday and Saturday; the choirs then perform on Saturday evening. Students will miss one day of school.

There is a nominal fee to audition and a participation fee (if selected).


All-State Honor C hoir

Students who score in the top one-third of the Regional Honor Choir singers are invited to participate at the state level. The All-State Honor Choir has approximately 300 singers. Students are notified in early December if they are selected, and students will be assigned to either the men’s, women’s or mixed choir.

The annual All-State Honor Choir performance is in a predetermined location in California. Like Regional Honor Choir, students receive their music in advance and are expected to learn it on their own. Students are tested on the first day to verify preparedness. There is a participation fee, which does not include transportation, housing, or meals. Parents must arrange for their singer’s air travel, if necessary.

SCVA Vocal Competitions

Students may participate in the Southern California Vocal Competitions with the recommendation of the LCHS Choral Director or their private instructor.

Idyllwild Summer Program

Students come from around the world to participate in Idyllwild’s summer program, which takes place in August at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in Idyllwild, California. Any student may audition for this program, which is an intensive two-week workshop for select high school and college-age singers designed to further develop vocal and musical skills.

Students who were selected for either the Regional or State Honor Choir are eligible to attend Idyllwild without an audition. In addition, students recommended by the Director may not be required to submit an audition tape.

Tuition includes all meals and dormitory accommodations for two weeks. Scholarships may be available. For more information, see the Idyllwild Arts website: www.idyllwildarts.org.