Choral Parents Association

The Choral Parents Association (CPA) is an organization of parents established to support the LCHS Choral Music Department. It provides financial and administrative support to Dr. Brookey and the program.

Financial Support

The LCUSD budget does not cover all of the expenses of the LCHS Choral Music Department. The CPA uses member donations, family and business sponsorships, grants, and fundraising activities to pay the additional $100+ per student it costs to support a program of this caliber. CPA is a tax-exempt organization, and donations to CPA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. To learn more about where the funds go, read about becoming a Family Sponsor. To learn more about other ways to support the Choral Department, read about Fundraisers and visit our Business Sponsors.

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Administrative Support

Some of the activities coordinated by CPA volunteers include managing communication between Dr. Brookey and the parents of the choir members, sending emails, running fundraisers, coordinating and managing the choirs’ wardrobe, planning events, organizing tours, writing grants, creating concert programs, coordinating concert recordings and managing media sales, managing the logistics of each of the concerts, and running the website. 

CPA Board Meetings

The CPA Board meets typically on the second Tuesday of the month to discuss CPA business. Annual elections occur during the Annual Parents Meeting which is usually held at the end of August. Please refer to the Calendar for the dates of this year’s Annual Parents Meeting and future board meetings.